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Senior VP of Audience Analysis Practice Lead at Magna Global,

Brian Hughes, recently published an article in AdAge about the “binge viewing” phenomenon, and its effect on live TV:


After Netflix released the first season of “House of Cards” in its entirety Feb. 1, the concept of “binge viewing” — watching multiple episodes of a series in a single sitting — became a very hot topic. My team and I are tasked with addressing these trends because it always leads to the same question: Is this going to kill linear TV viewing?


The short answer is no. And here’s why.


DVRs were supposed to kill linear TV, and in spite of the fact that penetration continues to increase, overall time-shifting activity has remained constant. Nielsen’s most recent Cross Platform Report demonstrated that 87% of broadcast viewing is still done live.


Broadband video was also supposed to kill linear TV, but the average PC-streaming session is still only a few minutes in length. To be fair, we are starting to see evidence that young adults are spending less time watching TV than they were a few years ago, but it’s hardly a mass exodus. And it’s definitely not because they don’t care about TV…


…I can think of several occasions in which binge viewing actually led to my watching more live TV. ABC’s “Lost” (my favorite series of all time) is perhaps the best example. My wife and I binged our way through three seasons and were caught up by the time season four began. At that point, we were so hooked that waiting even a few hours to watch the latest episode wasn’t an option….


To read the whole article on, please click Binge viewing isn’t something to fear.


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