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The mansumer trend is really about men increasing their shopping behavior while still keeping convenience and efficiency at the forefront. From a technology perspective, we chose to focus on lightweight solutions that provide utility without requiring a great deal of legwork from consumers. For instance, instead of asking a shopper to scan a QR code or visit a website for more information, we used RFID tags to bring that data to them automatically whenever they picked up a product. Ultimately, we are seeking to anticipate the needs of the male shopper before they even ask.
We bring you Doug Johnson at BPN, with a special mansumer edition of the Trigger from the IPG Media Lab.


2013 marks the rise of male shopping behavior, and social media has re-written the rules of the trade, opening up a world where shoppers can buy, sell, and trade to each other. In order to increase consideration at the point-of-sale, savvy marketers can deliver customer reviews and social media targeted based on the different products a shopper picks up at shelf. All powered by RFID tags, these systems allow brands to reach consumers when they are most receptive in-store.


Male shoppers also want more than just free ‘stuff.’ Cutting edge retailers and brands are shifting from extrinsic to intrinsic rewards – rewarding all shopper interaction, instead of just purchase. A prime example is shopkick, a mobile app that encourages shoppers to enter stores, scan products and research items, offering incentives along the way.


Lastly, retailers are using lightweight and invisible technologies like Euclid Elements to better able their sales associates to engage with their best customers, many of whom are men. Saks Fifth Avenue even teamed up with start up Euclid Elements to create a smartphone app that would be loaded on associates’ phones and would identify when loyal shoppers who had opted in entered the store, and would tell the associate where in the store they were located using the customer’s mobile wifi signal.


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