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Our visionary N.A. President, Liz Ross, was recently the keynote speaker at the Mobile Media Summit in Chicago.


Interviewed by John Trimble, CRO of Pandora, Liz answered questions like “How do we prove the Mobile ROI?” and shared secrets on getting budget and BIG mobile deals.



So how exactly do we prove Mobile ROI?


Liz was asked about about KPIs for measuring Mobile Media success, and in true Radical CommonSense fashion, she explained that campaign impact on client sales is key to really measuring ROI—no matter the communication channel.


When asked about the opportunity to communicate with the “right person” at the “right time”, Liz Ross noted that we’ve all heard this mantra before and all-too-often resorted to the typical reach metrics/goals for message delivery. It’s time to use Mobile and Social technologies to communicate with the only subset of the population that can make use of the information we seek to share. “It’s better to only reach the 500K that really care than to reach 5M who don’t.”


Liz also explained that the “right person, at the right time” isn’t enough. We need to understand the “right location” too. Mobile can be used at any/all points in the shopping process and the messaging delivered to those doing shopping research from their living room sofa should be different from the messaging delivered to those standing in the store. Likewise, a lunch deal offer delivered to someone who has very little or no chance of actually visiting the restaurant is a waste of media effort.


If you missed the Mobile Media Summit, scroll right to watch a video clip of the panel!