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Our very own, Jeanne Boland, SVP Director Client Services, Local Media, has been named one of Advertising’s Working Mothers of the Year by AWNY and Working Mother Magazine. The awards honor mothers in advertising, media, and communications who are committed to balancing work and family, serve as positive role models and mentors, and distinguish themselves in their communities.

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Jeanne Boland is the proud and caring mother of seven-year-old Sydney. Sydney’s confidence is a testament to the nurturing of Jeanne and her husband, Mike.


It is easy to see the seeds of Jeanne’s character grow in her only daughter.  These seeds are gathered from hundreds of life experiences that Jeanne has instilled in Sydney.  She taught her lessons from the time she lived in California and her home was garnished with her personal photography and scenes of great redwoods.  Lessons from the most recent trip to Africa, allowing herself to be engulfed in the world’s nature and animals. And, lessons from work.


But those lessons go beyond how to work in Excel.  It’s a lesson that people are your connection.  Jeanne’s best ability is to bring to life the humanity of work.  To pull out each person’s nature, appreciate them, be loyal, and listen.


While she’s taught her daughter many lessons, she has done the same for all of her colleagues.  She has shown each of them how to not only prioritize work, but to prioritize needs, of people.  This is an important distinction, which they can’t help but thank her for.


We can see the seeds of Jeanne’s character grow in everything.  Because she has found balance and because she has nurtured all those seeds.  Like any mother would.”


To learn about how Jeanne balances work and home, watch Jeanne’s interview with daughter Sydney!


More about Jeanne:


Jeanne serves as SVP, Local Investment for BPN. Jeanne is responsible for driving Local Media investment strategy and oversight of Local Media Buying for all BPN accounts. In addition, she oversees all Mediabrands partner agency Local Buying assignments.


Number of years @ Mediabrands: 7 years


Industry recognition / awards:


AWNY 2013 Notable Woman


2014 AWNY/Working Mother Magazine Advertising Working Mother of the Year