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In the month of March, BPN has been building awareness for World Water Day (March 22nd) through a number of events. BPN has donated 30% of our NCAA bracket pool this year to the Ecuador Community “Bellavista”. We saw a 50% from last year with 46 people signing up at $10 per bracket, which resulted in $140 to donate. It was great to see an increase in the number of entries and excitement everyone shared in knowing that their help would be going to the Ecuadorian community.


In addition to this, BPN took part in an auction based karaoke event to raise funds for Free The Children. 247 Sport provided the equipment and BPN provided the vocals. All in all, we raised $100 with Jenn Brooks brining in the highest CPS (Cost Per Song). People were able to bid on the opportunity to choose the song for a list of BPN talent. We heard classics such as, Say My Name and Remix to Ignition. The BPN community really got behind the event and showed their support for their fellow teammates and Free The Children.


This event was also intended to raise awareness of the Environmental pillar of BPN Gives Back in honor of International Water Day. Every March 22, we celebrate Earth’s most precious natural resource: water. World Water Day is a day for all members of the global community to unite and make a difference for those suffering from water related issues. On World Water Day we aim to raise awareness of these issues and prepare for better water management in the future.


Thank you for everyone that was involved and we are looking forward to the next BPN Gives Back event!