Location: Romania

Client: Red Cross



It only takes a few moments for your life to change dramatically- waiting almost 7-minutes for ambulance arrival is too long. Romania was facing a problem- individuals were unmotivated to be proactive about their knowledge of First Aid Training. When polled, 82% of people stated that an adult should know first aid, however, only a quarter of them declared they received formal FA instructions.




The Romanian Red Cross offers the most complete First Aid courses; however, individual ignorance was Romania’s biggest barrier to infiltrating the country with techniques to save lives. We adopted a “Trojan Horse” strategy by designing free mobile app- The First Aid Guide- offering complete information on FA techniques, appearing to make courses obsolete. In reality, no amount of written or video information could replace courses. Using the app was the best way to understand (and conclude) that courses are necessary. An in-app form facilitated course enrollment.




We had set forth two objectives- promote first aid courses to attract higher number of participants and increase brand awareness for the Red Cross of Romania. March 2013 the app was released and promoted digitally cross-platform through mobile banners, desktop online banners, a Facebook quiz app and dedicated content on the RRC page as well as traditional PR. The sponsor of the app – Real Hypermarket – also promoted it via in-store materials for two months. The campaign focused strictly on the app and its features- no mention of the First Aid courses.




The results were unprecedented- it was clear Romania was learning how to save a life! The First Aid Guide accumulated 10,000 downloads in just one month from release, holding the first position in the free apps top for over a week, as well as being top rated in the Health and Fitness categories on Google Play. our true objective was to stimulate enrollment in FA courses – which we did: from just 1 course sold every 2 months, with no promotion, or 15 courses per month with local promotion, we achieved 10 individual enrollments per day during the campaign. The novelty of the app brought media/social media interest as the must-have mobile tool with online news, popular blogs, radio and TV interviews on zero budget. Our goal was achieved- the people of Romania understood and took action. They are now the Life Savers.

Red Cross App Image 1