Location: Peru

Client: University of Technology and Engineering (UTEC)




Due to its growth, the Engineering and Technology University decided it was time to build a new campus, a more modern and environmentally friendly one. The location determined for this new campus is Barranco, a multicultural, artistic district that attracts young people.



The strategy of the campaign was to publicize this campus, coinciding with the 2014 admission period. This communication will continue, using UTEC’s slogan about how ingenuity in action can change the world.


Considering that in Lima there is a lot of pollution, which is on the rise due to a large number of construction projects. This causes a number of respiratory diseases. And since UTEC is now building the new campus,this problem affects both construction workers and area residents. The idea was to put up a billboard on the construction site of the new UTEC campus that could absorb the dust and pollution there and emanate pure oxygen.





It was important to put up the billboard on the construction site of the new UTEC campus so we could demonstrate that UTEC is putting ingenuity in action, showing that construction can be done responsibly.


The billboard can produce 200,000 m3 of oxygen per day for a 5-block radius, which is very beneficial to construction workers and area residents. Lima has a high level of pollution, which is increased by the large number of construction sites. For this reason, the idea is an excellent opportunity for the Engineering and Technology University (UTEC) to continue demonstrating that with ‘Ingenuity in Action’, it is possible to change the world. It demonstrates this with a real-life example by building its campus without polluting the environment, thereby benefiting area residents, as well as construction workers on the project.





As soon as the billboard was put into operation, it attracted national and international media attention, receiving coverage in the digital and print press, which was a boost to the university’s 2014 admission campaign.


In summary, this campaign successfully crowned the dissemination of the 2014 admission process, as the number of applicants increased 24% compared to the preceding year. Most importantly, once again, potential students saw UTEC as a university that uses real-life examples to demonstrate that engineering is behind everything, and that through it, we are all capable of changing the world.