Location: Netherlands

Client: Kwekkeboom




Kwekkeboom is a top quality brand salty fried snacks for fast food, restaurants and catering. The snacks are typically Dutch and the most consumed snacks in the country, the Croquette being the hero product. Kwekkeboom improved the recipes of their range fried snacks to give an even more creamy and delicious taste. Kwekkeboom also start distribution in Supermarkets to promote in-home consumption of their top quality fried snacks. A regular media campaign to raise awareness was out of the question because of the budget restrictions. A big idea was needed.





The big idea was to search, find and hire the best of best ambassador for Kwekkeboom called Crème de la Crème Ambassador  in  a totally over the top execution in media. We changed a boring student job into a very attractive and very well paid job for young professionals, which is exactly the core target group for the media campaign.

We also brought the Kwekkeboom croquette to life and make it the real hero, as the Crème de la Crème ambassador will be working in a life size croquette outfit. This media concept is new, distinctive and could generate huge PR for the brand.




We have 4 different steps for the Crème de la Crème Ambassador: search, find, hire and on the job.

Step 1 was a recruitment campaign. We started with a job advertisement in the top end financial daily newspaper in the Netherlands, Het Financieele Dagblad. Followed by in program recruitment items  on the favorite radio station for young adults 20-35 years (Q music). A smashing recruiting video was launched on You Tube  in combination with a You Tube ad campaign. A Facebook app was launched for subscription of candidates in combination with ad campaign on Facebook. The Kwekkeboom fan page was also used for the campaign. Finally a guerrilla street campaign, using cut out boards and the life size outfit on high traffic locations in Amsterdam and also in selected supermarkets.


Step 2: Facebook viral voting campaign. All the candidates who subscribed on Facebook were asked to run their own promotion campaign on Facebook to raise as many votes for themselves.


Step 3: announcement of the winning candidate. The winning candidate Merel was selected out of 165 candidates. The press release got massive PR in magazines, newspapers and online. Merel was also interviewed live in a very popular radio program on Q music (favorite station for young adults 20-35 years). And last but not least Merel was announced on the Facebook fan page of Kwekkeboom.


Step 4: following the new Crème the la Crème ambassador at work. Merel visited selected supermarkets and events attracting young adults. Her work as the Crème de la Crème ambassador for Kwekkeboom was constantly reported on Facebook and got lots of PR as well. She was interviewed on the  famous TV show Carlo & Irene (800.000 viewers) and got an article in Het Parool, the largest daily newspaper in Amsterdam with 230.000 readers.




The Kwekkeboom brand realized amazing results. Kwekkeboom brand increased awareness, got a lot of media attention and massive PR for only 50 K euro net media budget. Kwekkeboom reached more than 2 million shoppers and/or snack lovers with media and PR during the campaign period which is  +400% compared to their objective. The Kwekkeboom  Facebook fan page grows 155% which is 3 times more than target.


Kwekkeboom created 165 active ambassadors, being the candidates who had to campaign for votes to make a chance to win. Candidate Merel was the winner and got the job.  Finally, 4 million ad impressions were showed on You tube and Facebook. More than 35.000 consumers tweeted a message on Twitter. The You Tube video has been watched 186.272 times and 15.541 consumers visited the special Facebook App to learn more about the unique job opportunity as Crème the la Crème Ambassador for Kwekkeboom.