Location: Central and Latin America
Client: AJE’s Cifrut




AJE’s brand Cifrut, a popular fruit drink throughout Central and Latin America, was rebranding its packaging and introducing a healthier drink alternative with a “more juice” concentrated option called Cifrut Juice. The company’s target market was millennials (youth ages 12-24) and the company wanted to build loyalty with current Cifrut consumers while attracting new ones with the new “more juice” concept.


Cifrut customers classify themselves by interests in extreme sports, urban art, urban music and are active on social media. Based on comScore’s Latin America user study that shows 32.8% of millennials are the most engaged in the region, we decided to use social as the primary communication vehicle.





Because the demographic primarily lead an active lifestyle, the tagline decided for the campaign was “Atrevete con Cifrut,” daring customers to “get with the brand.” The campaign integrated Daddy Yankee, the iconic urban music star, not only because he is a fan of the brand but also because his followers and Cifrut’s target are one in the same. The brand wanted to offer an experimental social aspect with engagement triggers throughout each country.


AJE wanted to identify itself with a celebrity of his caliber, who works diligently for causes they are passionate for. In Daddy Yankee’s case, his foundation Corazon Guerrero works on developing both the mental and physical health of children in underdeveloped communities. Expanding his existing relationship with both his fans and beneficiaries of his foundation with support from Cifrut was a natural fit.


The media strategy was to leverage Daddy Yankee’s presence in the existing social media channels that the target audience was present in – Twitter and Facebook – and promote the contest while building a solid following for Atrevete con Cifrut.




Cifrut utilized a barcode-scanning technology on the Cifrut product packaging in select markets in LATAM to expose fans to the new rebranding elements while giving them an opportunity to meet their favorite artist! This encouraged consumers across Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru to purchase the product and utilize the code on the bottles packaging to enter into the contest for an opportunity to win a trip to meet Daddy Yankee.


The campaign utilized social media engagement as its leading platform while integrating conventional media solutions such as radio and TV to create awareness around the campaign. The gap between traditional outlets and social media was gapped by fans utilizing the #CifrutDY hashtag.


Submissions from fans were later programmed and automatically autographed by the artist. The campaign used an existing digital platform app that worked together with both Facebook and Twitter after every fan submitted an entry to share on their social networks. Cifrut also utilized an automated system to select one winner per each market in LATAM and flew 8 lucky fans down to Puerto Rico to meet Daddy Yankee at the end of the campaign.





Sales: Cifrut sales saw an 11% jump in September and October across the eight participating campaign markets as compared to 2013.


Website: 89% of users who visited Atrevete con Cifrut completed the entire process. The process on average took 6.5 minutes and 43% of users shared the final autographed images resulting in over 20,800 shares on Facebook.


Facebook: Cifrut Facebook page generated an additional 49,654 fans during the campaign with a 16% engagement rate. Interactions were 2,350 out of 34 total posts.


Twitter: With $20,000, #CifrutDY efforts generated coverage in the eight key markets with high optimization. The campaign generated over 19,000 followers with steady interaction above the industry average. The brand received 4.22% interaction rate from high levels of replies, retweets, and favorites.


Public Relations: The “Atrevete con Cifrut” campaign got attention of the industry trades and generated 35+ press clippings reaching 29,908,687 MM people throughout the LATAM region. The earned media resulted in $1.4 MM in advertising value for the Cifrut client.


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