Location: Romania

Client: Zizin Water




In every family, there are inherent conflicts between each of its members: brothers vs. sisters, husband vs. wife as well as the generation gap between parents and their children.


Zizin wanted to tie the consumption of the neutral pH levels of balance in Zizin water and helping bring the balance of a peaceful family environment.





Zizin took two different approaches to reach the different target audiences within families:


  • For the younger audience, Zizin created an online platform where consumers could send apologies under the name “Da Cu Pace – Give Peace”. This application also gave the possibility to send messages of reconciliation from the younger family members to their parents.
  • Zizin  also wanted to create awareness of the concept that drinking Zizin brings “the balance of peace” to the family through antagonistic situations.




Zizin knew they had to create online buzz around the “balance of peace” to reach the younger millennial audience. Popular Romanian band, El Negro, created a jingle which became sharable content.


Using the app, the consumers could “Da Cu Pace – Give Peace” to a member of their family with whom they had had a disagreement. The campaign was activated on Facebook, YouTube and digital media platforms. This phase was also marketed offline via OOH, radio and press encouraging millennials to access the microsite, dacupace.ro, and share their messages with loved ones across their social platforms.


Millennials understand social media and are comfortable using it. This became a unique way for them to “give peace” to their family members.



Shortly after the families received the “give peace” messages from the millennials in their families, Zizin moved onto the next phase of the campaign: to restore “the balance to give peace” among the entire family.


Zizin decided create antagonistic situations between family members portrayed as wild animals. In this situation, they showed how a lion and a gazelle could get achieve balance with their disagreements if they drank Zizin water. Steve, the experienced hunter, studied the animals in their natural Romanian habitat and helped consumers understand the creatures. These videos were broadcasted on television in the evenings to target families when they were spending time together.


Zizin used comedy as a way to disrupt the new wave of emotional communication in the mineral water category as well as show the similarities of the PH balance in the water of Zizin and the peaceful balance that should exist in the household.





The Zizin Market share increased by 37% in 2014 vs. 2013 and was the highest increase in the mineral water category ever seen in Romania.


Phase 1 – “Da Cu Pace- Give Piece” Jingle on Microsite


  • The microsite app helped over 1,000+ millennials make peace with their families
  • The “Da Cu Pace – Give Peace” jingle generated 30,000 views on YouTube
  • Clicks to the microsite
    • Facebook generated over 50,000+ clicks
    • 100,000+ clicks were generated from the digital media partners to lead to

Phase 2 – The pH Balance of Zizin Water bring peace to Family Environments


  • The TV campaign reached over 4.3 million individuals in their homes
  • The Lion and Gazelle Youtube video generated over 750,000+ views


Da Cu Pace -Zizin Water Internationalist Submission - Image 2Da Cu Pace-Zizin Water Internationalist Submission - Image 1