Location: United Kingdom

Client: Columbia Records\Daft Punk




In March 2013 Daft Punk was a distant memory, even for those who remembered the early days of Electronic Dance Music. Our brief was to re-launch the French band that didn’t tour, didn’t interview, who nobody could remember – and of course with a relatively small media budget.





We created a campaign where the swell of communications was positive fan hearsay. This meant beginning by initially making fans aware that Daft Punk were back with no information of what or how.




We used 10 second teaser ads on TV and projected images of the helmets across London – all with no release date, no album name and no hashtag.  Next to come would be pre order and release date leaks and all without any true reveal of the music itself. We had to plan intrusive, exciting and intriguing  placements that would drive fan communication for us all hinged around our central thought “say everything by saying nothing.”






165,091 units were sold in the first week – the highest opening week since Amy Winehouse’s posthumous album; Record digital sales: 92,834 Digital copies – beating previous records set by Cold Play.  In addition, “Get Lucky” is the most streamed track of all time on Spotify.




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