Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Client: Just Falafel

Challenge: Dubai is a melting pot of different cultures so not everyone reads the same magazine, goes to the same places, watches the same TV show. We needed to find a way to teach people about the Just Falafel brand.


Strategy: We “freshened up” radio with our unique concept titled “Fresh Radio”. We developed “made-to-order” spots that used 45 seconds to engage the audience, effectively communicating the brand personality and whetting the audience’s appetite for more falafels and for more ‘Fresh Radio’.



Execution: We invited our radio listeners to co-create songs by giving us two random words and a music style. We then composed a song in just minutes, and played it on-air on our “Fresh Radio” segment.


In a few days, we had produced and aired ten songs – eight in English and two in Arabic. The English songs were in hoedown, metal, soul, reggae, pop, dance, hip-hop and rap styles while the Arabic songs were in local rap and Arab pop.


With our Fresh Radio concept, we delivered fresh radio spots according to our listeners’ orders, in the same way that Just Falafel proudly makes their fresh falafels to order.





Results: The requests just rolled in! They didn’t just call the radio station,

Just Falafel fans even sent emails directly to the company

asking for a chance to participate. Word-of-mouth in the virtual world, especially across social media, was remarkable with likes, shares, comments and even lyric suggestions.
Fresh Radio was a hit. As Just Falafel continued its expansion plans, F

resh Radio helped spread awareness and increase footfall to their stores. Fresh Radio was a hot topic on facebook and twitter, and was featured in Directory Magazine. The songs were uploaded on SoundCloud and roughly had 1720 plays. In the months that followed, facebook impressions increased from 30 million to 80 million. Word of mouth in the real world – which was harder to count – ranged from jammed phone lines at the radio station and plenty of requests sent to

Just Falafel’s official email.