Location: Colombia


Client: Mercedes Benz

With the celebration of “Mercedes Benz 125 Years of Innovation”, Daimler had planned the introduction of the new MB Class-C in Colombia, the most representative line in our market.  The new product came with several innovations being its new ¨face¨ the most relevant change as the market recognized the quality of the MB products but they were positioned as more classical than innovative in terms of design. The big challenge then was to create a novel strategy with limited resources that generated a strong impact to stand out in a market where most premium brands had arrived offering prices and promotions never seen before, and achieve 1 million USD sales during the launching week of the Campaign.



The initial goal was to come up with a creative, fresh and different solution that got Mercedes Benz away from the price/promotion war to not affect the image of the new line launch and instead increased curiosity among potential users.


In Colombia, public figures with solid and strong opinions may become icons among high SEL people who trust and follow them, and as such Vladdo, the most recognized, respected and controversial caricaturist, became a great prospect to partner for this campaign. But what does a caricaturist like Vladdo have to do with a brand like Mercedes? Simple answer, if anyone in Colombia is capable of changing someone else´s face, that is Vladdo, which will add the credibility and expectation for the activity to be successful. So the campaign was built under the concept of ¨this is how Vladdo imagines the new generation of the Class-C and Inviting consumers, through a series of caricatures, to discover the new product.



Once Vladdo accepted to be part of the project the teaser campaign started by using a mix of different touch points:


  • Paid Media: outdoor billboards and car dummies with QR codes, print, digital display (deploying Vladdo´s Class C Caricatures); and radio (accompanying the activity from the dealers to drive traffic to them)
  • Owned Media: Event to journalists, dealers (facades, dummies and postcards)
  • Earned Media: Vladdo is one of the most active public characters in social media with a very large number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers, which made it a powerful platform to amplify the message and generate hundreds of comments and free press



The main objective (1 million USD sales) was reached and overpassed 5 times, a clear indicator of the campaign´s success. In addition to it, thousands of people visited the dealers and hundreds of social media comments and free press articles appeared throughout different key communication vehicles.