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Location: Denmark

Client: Copenhagen Airport




In Denmark, the 8.3 billion DKK Christmas trade has high importance for the retail industry, and the market is studded with extensive advertising noise and retailers trying to increase their share of the market. A lot of Danes perceives Christmas shopping as bustle, chaotic and something you want to get over. Moreover, CPH Airport was suffering with a negative price perception by the target group towards the shops and restaurants in CPH Airport.




As CPH Airport wanted to increase their share of the Christmas trade, the strategy was based on the insights of a chaotic period, and the negative price perception towards CPH Airport. To comply with the chaotic period, we created a cosy and relaxed atmosphere using Facebook and Pinterest, where we were able to move the focus from price, to communicating the diversity and selection of shops and restaurants in CPH Airport.

By utilizing the social media sites, we wanted to encourage doing the Christmas shopping in CPH Airport.




To create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere, we used our beloved Santa to tell the story. Santa’s sleigh broke down at CPH Airport’s parking lot, and as he was stranded there, he had to take care of all the Christmas shopping at CPH Airport. Luckily, he managed it all and we documented his exploits on the CPH Airport Facebook page and Pinterest, and the exploits counted everything from shopping lingerie from Victoria’s Secret to miss Santa, to eating a hotdog at Steff’s Place. To encourage shopping at CPH Airport, Santa checked in and out of Facebook, and when he spotted a good deal, he posted it on Facebook and the users received the deal as an exclusive Facebook offer. As Santa got exhausted by his adventures, what was more obvious than relaxing at the nearby Hilton Copenhagen Hotel?



We succeeded in creating a cosy atmosphere on Facebook and Pinterest, and moving the focus from price to the diversity and quality of the shops and restaurants in CPH Airport, as Santa visited them. Our users were happy and engaged on our Facebook page, and they commented, liked and shared the updates. Due to the success, most of the sales outlets in CPH Airport wanted to take part in the campaign.


The campaign generated:

  • +4.500 new fans – 34,5% increase
  • Reached over 1.000.000 users – 514% increase
  • 60.865 engaged users – 925 in average pr. post
  • Earning earned media to a value of 500.000 DKK
  • 22-39 times higher click rate than usual
  • 5,3% increase in turnover


See more on Pinterest by clicking Santa in Transit and on Copenhagen Airport’s Facebook page here.