Every year, the Peruvian Cancer Foundation conducts a fundraising drive entitled “Put Your Heart into It” (Ponle Corazon), which aims to raise money for children with terminal cancer. However, since 2009, less and less money has been collected and the campaign hadn’t met its goals. We needed to address this.




We wanted to take a different approach by inspiring people to shift their indifference to compassion. We wanted the people of Peru to recognize that giving can occur with anyone- even the most unconventional of hearts. To kick-off this year’s efforts, we targeted the most unsuspecting of places and people-Penal Castro Castro, one of the most dangerous prisons within the country.


Our Thought: if the hardest of hearts in Peru could find it within themselves to give, could perhaps the entire nation, both inside and out of the prison, find this same love for those most in need of help?





We had to put meaning and media behind our idea to generate the desired buzz and inspire a nation to make a social change. Our approach was three fold.


After activating the campaign within Penal Castro Castro, we uploaded to YouTube and utilized true-view and in-stream ads to generate viewership and conversations. Just 4 days from running the original video, we activated on prime-time news programs showing the dichotomy of the prisoner’s situation and their crusade to still give back. This was our media budget- only $6,500 USD.



Our strategies was to maximize our clients’ ad spend by capitalizing on earned media. Through TV, radio and OOH further drove the campaign. Live mentions, interviews, press releases and digital spread, Peru was able to find it in their hearts to contribute. As more money was generated, the continued hype nation-wide spread, causing a positive domino effect within the market.





This year far exceed the foundation’s expectations. The campaign raised $300K for the Peruvian Cancer Foundation, which was 33% more collected than in the previous year. In total, 2,485 inmates committee to the cause, driving donations nationwide. With a US budget of $6,500, we were able to secure earned media valued at US $351,203. This generated yield of the amount invested in the action: 5,403%. Money doesn’t equate to the change that was made; Peruvians found it in their hearts to give to others truly in need and the country forever changed their view of even the hardest of hearts.

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