Location:  Lebanon

Client: Tamanna



Carmen, an 8 year old undergoing chemotherapy for leukaemia, wished for an iPad at Christmas. This was August. Could we really wait for December?



Strategy and Execution:


Tamanna, a Lebanese NGO, grants the wishes of critically ill children. Our challenge was to raise more donations in the hope of granting more wishes.


We changed the date of Christmas. On September 8th, 2012, Carmen’s parents took her out for ice-cream in Downtown Beiruit. Suddenly, Christmas carols began to play and Beirut Souks began transforming into a Winter Wonderland, Santa Clause was lowered from a helicopter right in front of Carmen with an iPad in his sack.


ICONS September Christmas



Christmas created such a tremendous impact that the story spread worldwide across all channels and moved Lebanon to give. In less than 5 weeks, Tamanna saw:


  • 74% increase in donations
  • 112% increase in volunteer requests


These aren’t just numbers. These are wishes. After September Christmas, Tamanna was able to fulfill 26 wishes in one month vs. the previous average of 12. That’s almost 1 wish a day. The entire campaign cost $0 since all professionals involved worked probono.



Fl september xmas board