Location: United States

Client: Applebee’s




Applebee’s sought out to reach adults 18-49, with an emphasis on keeping their loyal customers, as well as, attract new customers seeking out new and exciting dinner options. In addition, they needed to overcome consumer perception that eating, unique and bold flavors will break the bank. Therefore, the messaging needed to create a fusion between a good, affordable deal and quality food.






The main objective of the digital campaign was to drive dinner traffic utilizing the bold, unique Southwest Flavors, Chicken & Shrimp Tequila Tango, and Citrus Lime Sirloin, through value messaging that highlights their affordable dinner options and new flavor-forward product news.


BPN aimed to create a high-impact, custom, digital video experience to strengthen Applebee’s brand association as a restaurant that offers a wide variety without being expensive.


BPN, partnered with YuMe to hand-craft the perfect campaign bold flavors needed to develop the ultimate branding recipe. The first-to-market multi-screen video opportunity utilized the power of sight, sound, and motion to tempt consumer’s palates with rich and indulgent ad experiences, while enabling Applebee’s to serve up a compelling brand story.





BPN, with the help of  YuMe, created a cross-platform campaign leveraging their suite of interactive ad units designed to provide the brand awareness Applebee’s was looking for. The rich branding and messaging enabled Applebee’s to inform new and existing customers of their newest product offering, as well as, entice consumers to satisfy their appetite at the nearest Applebee’s restaurant.


BPN leveraged Yume’s Ngage online ad unit and extended the ad unit across mobile and tablet screens, offering a complete branding experience for Applebee’s across devices. The Ngage suite delivered a holistic message across screens through an all-in-one interactive video ad unit that combines video, branding slate and multiple interactivity buttons all within the frame of a video player.


A :30 video pre-roll was activated by the user to learn more about the new menu items. The branding slate also displayed the new menu items and showcased that these options are back and better than ever. The ad units were also customized with social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube enabling consumers to further engage with Applebee’s, learn more about the 2 for $20 menu options and ultimately drive dinner traffic. These social drivers gave Applebee’s a way to extend their brand presence and messaging, drive new and loyal fans and ultimately create advocates for their brand.



This integration delivered outstanding results! The unit over delivered, providing 65,899 added value impressions.  Across desktop there was a 79% video completion rate and approximately 7% Interactive Rate. Meanwhile on Mobile and Tablet there was a 70.5% and 10.33% consecutively. The cross-platform execution allowed users to be exposed to Applebee’s campaign pre-roll while providing them the opportunity to further interact with the brands social channels

  • 48K + engagements across Applebee’s Facebook and Twitter  Channels
  • 7, 239 Youtube Video Views of the 2 for $20 \ Southwest Campaign, see video here
  • The Ngage Unit created a positive impact on the 2 for $20 product launch and contributed to Applebee’s sales of 4.9%  during the first week of the campaign
  • Engaged the food blog community to share across various media outlets