Location: Peru

Client: El Ministerio de Comercio Exterior y Turismo




Every year, millions of tourists visit Peru because of its nature, culture, gastronomy and places of history. But these things attract people to come only once. El Ministerio de Comercio Exterior y Turismo del Perú (MINCETUR) wanted to find a strong incentive that would make tourists come back and recommend others to visit the country.


The answer was simple, the Peruvian people. The campaign encouraged Peruvian citizens to become excellent hosts and make every tourist’s vacation unforgettable. This would inspire the tourists to come back and recommend others to continue to visit the country of Peru.





For a long time, Peruvians have been known as friendly people to foreigners. And that kindness was also a unique quality of Peruvians. Then, having identified that kindness was an un-explored aspect to foreigners; we decided to use it as our vehicle of communication, demonstrating the kindest side of Peruvians. We proposed to launch a campaign that aims to looking for “The Kindest Peruvian.”




It was important to alert the Peruvian citizens to get involved and support the cause to find The Kindest Peruvian. However, they were indifferent to due to the outcome not being a tangible benefit. That is the reason that we decided to transform every Peruvian into a touch point and use the digital world as a central communication platform to launch the contest The Kindest Peruvian.


The steps to find The Kindest Peruvian:

    • Registration –  videos/photos of candidates from all regions of the country were submitted on the elperuanomasamable.pe website as a nomination by someone other than the candidate.
    • Voting – Polls were then opened for everyone to vote for who they felt was “The Kindest Peruvian.”


The winner was announced on MINCETUR’s social media channels and the elperuanomasamable.pe website. The Kindest Peruvian won a double deluxe travel package to some of the most beautiful places in the country (Paracas, Cusco and Tambopata) as well as recognition from the President of the Republic at a public event.






In just over 2 months (March to May 2013) more than 138,000K website visits were achieved.

  • More than 204,000K video views via the YouTube campaign.
  • There were more than 54,000K fans on Facebook who joined the search.
  • More than 25,000K votes were received
  • More than 8,000, 000MM people impacted


The campaign united the regions of Peru generating healthy competition among them. Support was received from dozens of famous artists who supported this search. The Kindest Peruvian generated viral news, opinion, momentum, buzz and social media channels throughout the campaign.


The term “the Kindest Peruvian” became fashionable and trendy. After the campaign, tourism grew by 10%.