Location: Latin America
Client: Big Cola / Aje Group
Partner: ESPN


In Latin America, Big Cola has been known and recognized for being the product consumed by the low-income population. In order to change this perception, they changed their slogan to “Piensa en Grande” (Think Big).


How can Aje Group leverage Big Cola’s new slogan “Piensa en Grande” (Think Big) and their exclusive sponsorship with the Barcelona FC to engage consumers in Latin America?



After signing an exclusive agreement with Barcelona FC to change the Latin America’s consumers brand perception of Big Cola, the brand and ESPN created a parallel online futbol fantasy league called “El Desafio de la Liga”. Participants were able to create their own team to compete against the entire LATAM region for points achieved from La Liga Española’s real-life performance. In the end, the top three players with the highest scores won prizes.


The four main touchpoints of the campaigns were:


1. The Online League Hub: An online platform where the fans picked players and competed for points based on La Liga’s real- life performance.


2. On-Air Promotion: A high frequency of promo spots invited fans to register for the competition and weekly update segments within ESPN’s top futbol studio engaged with fans on the results of the “Desafio La Liga”. ESPN then announced who was in the lead.


3. Online Promotion: Big Cola took over ESPNDeportes.com with page sponsorship, co-branded banners and social media engagement icons.


4. Social Media Promotion: Co-branded mentions and posts placed in Big Cola’s and ESPNDeportes social media assets to direct users to el “Desafio de la Liga”. The top three players with the highest scores won prizes.

delBig Cola Rotational Banner

  1. Online League Hub
    • Contest was in effect from August 2012 to December 2012
    • Participants selected players for their futbol fantasy league for the upcoming match dates
    • Fans gained points based on the performance of the players in their teams. Points were gained from goals, tackles and passes. Then, fans would gain additional points for how each league player performs in real-time.
  2. On- Air Promotion with ESPN
    • Studio show on air segments
    • Game match segments
    • Challenge league updates
    • Challenge league tune-in promos
  3. Online Promotions on ESPNDeportes.com
    • ESPN Properties: Barclay’s Premier League, UEFA Champions League, LFP, SporstCenter, Fuera de Juego and Hablemos de Futbol
    • Ad rotations
    • David Villa page sponsorship
    • FC Barcelona page sponsorship
  4. Social Media Promotion
    • Created social chatter across all of Latin America through Big Cola and ESPN Social Media Platforms:
      • Facebook posts
      • Twitter mentions


El Desafio de la Liga Platform


We created awareness of Big Cola throughout the entire LATAM region, including countries where the product is not available such as Argentina, Chile and Paraguay.


In a span of six months, “El Desafio de la Liga” platform was able to reach outstanding results:

  • 2.2MM unique page views
  • 475K unique page visitors
  • 45,000 participating league players
  • 300K+ likes on Big Cola’s Facebook and its continuing to grow
  • In total, we helped “La Liga” reach 24+ MM fans by the end of 2012

As a result of this campaign, Big Cola demonstrated to Latin American consumers how a brand can go from being localized to becoming a global iconic entity in the beverage industry through innovative and inspiring BIG ideas.