Location: Peru


Client: University of Technology and Engineering (UTEC)




Among the options for scholastic achievement, Engineering is a far less interesting career choice than most because if it’s numerical focus and demand on one’s time.




UTEC launched itself as the university that combines science, technology and innovation, demonstrating that engineering is much more than a career in mathematics. They want to demonstrate that innovative engineers can find real solutions to real problems.
With this campaign the communications strategy was to awaken talented creative minds and attract them to UTEC’s program to improve Peru’s quality of life.


1Watericon Billboard in Action




The first ever water billboard was created and its unique technology that captured the airs humidity turned it into 20 liters of drinking water for families of cities throughout the country of Peru, that in turn helped the water consumption of hundreds of families per month. This campaign inspired and awoke the talented creative minds in Peru which in turn increased UTECs applications by 28% and with them looking forward to changing the world through engineering.


Through these innovative technology billboards the water gives the families in Peru, life.




Board for UTEC Case