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BPNs 2013 Retail Trends report was released in the fourth quarter of last year.  The report highlighted four trends: All About the Shopper, B2B Meet C2C, Inconspicuous Consumption, and the Rise of the Mansumer.  We take pride in researching these trends and we are thrilled with the response we have received with each.  The Rise of the Mansumer has particularly caught the attention of brands and retailers around the country and we are excited to share the latest information with you on this blog.


Who is the Mansumer?  “Whether by choice or need, being exposed to new roles such as child care, shopping and household activities has created a new generation of men who embrace their new roles and the impact they can make.  The Mansumer is doing more shopping than he [NEWCOL]has in the past. Disenfranchised no longer, he is empowered by technology and a growing recognition of the contributions he makes.”  The Mansumer is real.  And he doesn’t just shop, he buys.


Brands and retailers are constantly pursuing relevance in the eyes of their shopper segments; the Mansumer segment should now be considered an opportunity worth immediate exploration.  By fully understanding how he shops and when his shopping journey begins, we believe that Companies that embrace this new trend will seize and maximize the selling opportunities within their physical stores and digital storefronts.


From a segment on Dateline NBC to a cover story in the New York Times, the media response to the rise of the Mansumer has been constant and impressive since we released the report.  We will continue to update this blog with relevant Mansumer posts and we encourage you to subscribe, check-in, or follow us on Twitter.


If you have any questions regarding Mansumer or the 2013 Retail Trend report, please feel free to contact us.  For media inquiries, please contact Belle Lenz at or at 212-883-4791.  If you are a brand or retailer and would like to learn more about the Rise of the Mansumer, please contact Doug Johnson within BPN’s Shopper Division at at 312-799-4104.


Below is a collection of references to our Mansumer trend in the press: