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As we celebrate our first-year anniversary, we have learned to believe in the power of brands to build a better society for the people who matter to them. Brands matter. Our clients matter, and whomever they care about, matters even more to us.


To show our unconditional support to our clients and the causes they believe in, we would like to invite YOU to join us in our philanthropic efforts toward the “Give Your Heart” (Ponle Corazon) campaign.


The “Give Your Heart” campaign is an initiative from our client, the Peruvian Cancer Foundation (Fundacion Peruana del Cancer), an institution that for over 50 years has been helping children with limited resources who suffer from cancer. The primary objective of this campaign is raising funds to cover medical expenses, treatments and research.


To show that solidarity can come from the most unexpected places, this year, our local team in Peru brought the “Give Your Heart” campaign to one of the largest prisons in Peru and engaged the inmates in the fundraising efforts. This action created an unprecedented movement that not only resulted in donations, but it gave hope to the children and the inmates who felt like they finally had a purpose in life again.


By 2014, the goal of the campaign is to raise $358,000 USD to help impact the lives of children who are suffering from this life-threatening disease in the country of Peru. Therefore, as a true global network, BPN wants to show we care about all countries and from all countries in our network. We know we can count in all of you to support this cause and trust that with actions like this one, we can become an even stronger community!


Today we are opening up the opportunity for BPN change the lives of those who need it most: the children. Our call to action is simple: “Give Your Heart” to the Peruvian Cancer Foundation!


How? You can show your support by making a monetary donation and/or sharing the cause on your social network accounts. Remember, never underestimate the power of a “Like!”



You can make a difference by Giving your Heart and your donation. Click now on the button to show your support!


And remember that sharing is also giving, so if you can’t donate today, please help us share this initiative through your personal social networks accounts.



We invite you to follow the BPN Facebook/Twitter channels to follow along with the story of this campaign and the impact it has had for the children suffering from cancer in Peru. We promise to leave you in nothing but awe.