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The M&M Global Awards is a renowned Advertising Festival that celebrates leading pan-regional advertising campaigns, the most innovative and effective work running within international media owners, and the finest co-ordination of multi-local advertising strategies.


Our very own, Vice President Operations BPN MENA, Antonio Boulos, had the honor of judging at the 2013 M&M Global Awards.


“It is always rewarding to be a judge in a global communication competition both on the professional and on the personal level. Such occasions offer judges the opportunity to get exposed to some of the best minds and the best communication ideas in the industry. I consider it being a privilege for me as a judge to get to learn about the real challenges that face participating brands and to get an insight into how industry talents manage to innovate and create appropriate solutions to overcome those challenges.


The flip side of it is the pressure that judges face to remain consistent, and objective when assessing entries. In the case of the 2013 M&M Global Awards, I adhered to the qualifying criteria set forth by the organizers to rate participating entries, and opted to lean more favorably on campaigns that had achieved size-able tangible results.


One observation: given their flexible, and—if you will—ubiquitous nature digital media lend themselves to adopt more creativity. They offer communication specialists a wider scope to innovate and to measure the outcome of their ideas. Innovation on traditional media will remain harder to achieve but will have a sweeter taste.

“The organizers of M&M Global Awards asked me to judge the following 2 categories:

  • Best International Launch or Re-Launch Campaign and
  • Best Nation & Destination Marketing Campaign.



I enjoyed judging both but consider myself fortunate for being assigned the nation and destination campaign a topic I am personally very fond of.”

-Antonio Boulos, VP Operations, BPN MENA



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