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Online Planner at BPN Netherlands, Dick Heerkens, won a trip to the 2014 Cannes Lions Media Academy by using his creativity to create a media solution. Dick discusses his experience:
“At the time I went to Cannes, I had only worked at BPN for three months. Since BPN was actually my first job, the media industry was completely new to me. So this trip to Cannes was a great opportunity for me to get to know the industry, my profession and the way up to the big Cannes stage.


My ticket to Cannes was winning the BPN Creative Challenge. We had to come up with a creative idea for a socially responsible campaign for a local client. I decided to create a creative guerilla-style campaign for Rijksmuseum, one of our clients, to bring famous Dutch art to primary schools in deprived areas. I came up with the idea to show big paintings like the Night Watch to children in a surprising way. So then the idea arose:  to project the paintings on their school and transform the schools into the Rijksmuseum!



However, the real creative element for me was the fact that with a surprising guerilla event at 5 primary schools, we could raise awareness for the fact that teachers could grant applications for cultural trips for children. So while the direct effect was a bus full of happy children to the Rijksmuseum and a good image for the Rijksmuseum, the indirectand even more impactfuleffect is that awareness can be raised amongst teachers of poor schools nationwide about the fact that they can grant an application for cultural activities.[NEWCOL]


After the Creative Challenge deadline, my team and I presented this campaign to Rijksmuseum, and are now working very busy with making this plan reality!



The reason I was really motivated for the BPN Creative Challenge, was because of the theme: CSR. The fact that brands can help people, animals, the environment etc, by pro-social advertising campaigns was the reason I started studying advertising at the university. I believe that brands can not only do good things but also solve problems, while improving their own brand image and sales.



These kind of campaigns show that acting as a social responsible brand is not only good for the world. It’s also good for your brand!”