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Since the age of 13 when I first stepped foot in NYC I promised I would be back, not as a little girl but as a woman. I can blame it on missed opportunities, procrastination, or being too distracted and comfortable with my hometown’s beauty – but I can’t believe I’ve missed out for so long!


The morning I received the email announcing the RADexchange contest I was thrilled. My mind rushed at a million thoughts per hour (I had no idea that was even possible until then) with ideas on how I’d win this challenge. I can blame it on passion, hard work, or ultimately the odds being in my favor… but I won!


I arrived to New York City and immediately fell in love – the lights, fashion, people, diversity, and overall vibes were breathtaking. I was happy to have 2 entire weekends to fully explore Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs, all while staying in an incredible apartment that was so close to the office and only a nice walk away. The entire experience was a dream come true and I did SO much; everything from your typical tourist spots to the hidden gems the city has to offer.


Now, let’s get down to business. My first day at my new job and office was amazing and everyone went out of their way to make me feel welcome. I had my name plate on my working area, some nice ‘welcome’ treats, awesome work buddy neighbors, and an office tour guide to show me the office essentials. I even had some fun at the IPG Medialab! It felt surreal to meet people I’ve been working with for over a year but have never met in person or knew what they look like


My team (Kegs & Eggs) was phenomenal! I worked with them on a few projects and learned their way of doing things and their interactions with the clients. Swapping jobs isn’t easy, but it sure is fun and exciting. This reinforces to me the idea that while job titles can be identical, it’s the teams, clients, and nature of the business that can drastically change up what you know and how much you can learn just from working with a different team.


I made it a point to take advantage of the time I was there to shadow people on their day to day and soak up the learnings on how BPN NY does things. Now that I have a lot of faces to names and established those connections, I know I can reach out at any time. Those established connections are priceless, and a lot more personal and valuable than anything an instant message or phone call can do.


There are a lot more people in the NYC office than in Chicago, and they are all SO great. Those Happy Hours at the Radical Commonsense Bar were so crucial in really being able to immerse in the office culture and getting to know everyone. I love that about their office as well as how wonderfully unified the teams are.


Trash in the front of buildings or not, I fell in love with everything about New York. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to meet the people at the BPN New York office and personally experience how they incorporate their own dash of Radical Commonsense into their everyday lives. New York – I will be back again and thank you for the memories!