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After tremendous participation in the USPS Adopt a Family local gift drive,  BPN has continued its success in March by shifting the focus to BPN Gives Back Equality pillar. This month, BPN chose to focus on equality by partnering with the NY Blood Center to ensure individuals in our area receive equal access to healthcare.


On Monday, March 2nd BPN teamed up with the NY Blood Center mobile blood donation center to host a Blood Drive for all IPG agencies, the occupants of our 100 W. 33rd building, and the general public. Due to recent severe winter weather in the area, the New York Blood Center lost many scheduled donations causing the organization to release an Emergency Blood Appeal. BPN chose to dedicate this month to help bring the Center’s supply levels back to pre-storm conditions so that they can continue to serve NYC hospitals and local community members.


As a result, 43 individuals chose to dedicate their time to this cause and 32 people were able to donate. With each donation being used to help 3 patients in need, the BPN Blood Drive helped save 96 lives.


Throughout this year, BPN will continue to interchange its themes of Education, Environment & Equality with a focus on both global and local initiatives. 


Thank you to everyone from IPG & 100 W. 33rd for participating in the BPN Blood Drive and helping save 96 lives!