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Com Intelligence’s mission is to impulse the development of the Open Commercial TV industry for LATAM and its value as a medium of social and commercial communication.


Rob Kabus is the Global CEO of BPN, a full service media agency part of the IPG Mediabrands network. His diversified background of extensive big media agencies, such as MediaCom and Aegis, with strategic roles in leading creative agencies such as Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, as led to his reputation for holistic thinking on behalf of clients and partners alike. He brought these two paths together to create pioneering roles where he led both creative and media strategy for global clients like adidas and Microsoft. This model is becoming increasingly adopted as the way to integrate content and context. Most recently, Rob served as Partner/President & CMO at Eleven and previously served as President/Global Head of Strategy for Vizeum.


In your vision where big trends of the advertising industry and the broadcast TV meet? How BPN is preparing for this future.


Recent trends are compelling the industry to view the intersection of broadcast TV and advertising as video, versus TV. This provides a platform for embracing the power of both the format and the data while looking at client investments and results holistically. The more we learn about cross-channel impact, the more video rises to the top. The intersection of the two applies to both brand and transactional impact. When you layer in the data-driven factors, such asadvanced/addressable, automated trading, and digital delivery, it changes our system of evaluation and value. The focus is moving away from exposure and perceptions (buying networks) to the real effects of real people engaging with real content (buying audiences). These audiences are looking less like broad demographic groups and more like specific client segments. Insights in this area will guide how we orchestrate multi-screen experiences. The most important backdrop is that, with viewers in control, there’s always something good on.  That’s hard to disrupt, so we focus on delivering content when it’s most relevant and actionable.  BPN is approaching this shift by going all in on automation (through IPG Mediabrands/MagnaGlobal resources) in order to free up our people to fully explore and leverage the marketing and creative potential of this ecosystem. This includes new types of partnerships that position our clients to benefit from the evolving trends, such as the small but rapidly growing group of cord cutters and shavers [OTT/Linear TV].


How do you think that the Media Agencies model is evolving?


Just as CMO’s are now fully accountable for business results, so too are media agencies. We’re the partner most closely associated with, and capable of, correlation marketing activities to the return on those investments. We’re seeing more pay-for-performance structures, and these increasingly have actual business metrics (not just media measures) to be held accountable for. The media and tech worlds are now officially too big and complex for any one person to hold; we’re putting more resources in place (beyond programmatic) that enable us to “connect-the-dots”. This, in turn, allows us to leverage the various relationships and opportunities on our clients’ behalf. Media agencies are creating a broader set of ad/tech relationships to provide clients smart and efficient access to relevant data, content and audiences.


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